PS5: Why am I waiting to buy a PlayStation 5 and why you should too

Avid gamer Jesus Vigo lists the reasons why you should wait before sinking your hard-earned cash into the new PlayStation 5 gaming console.

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Illustration: Lisa Hornung

I have been an avid console gamer since 1986 when I received the NES as a gift. I have since been hooked and have been an early adopter of many consoles over the years, even importing Japanese versions of systems and games through mail order long before the internet made acquiring virtually anything around the world easy. with a simple click of a mouse.

The PlayStation 5, however, is one I don’t sit on, I’m just delaying my purchase. And as I will illustrate with my reasons below, other players may find themselves in a similar paradox, perhaps even for some of the same reasons.

Before we dive into this, I want to add a disclaimer: the purpose of this article is not to incite a war or discussion based on what is right or wrong, but to illustrate some reasons that may be suitable for players who they try to move their games into the next -generation console realm. In no particular order, the reasons are as follows.

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1. The case of the missing console

A big problem for the next generation of consoles in the last two releases has been availability at launch. While historically, gamers lined up in rows that made Black Friday look tiny for the newest and best consoles and games, systems from previous years were widely available for those who would have braved the lines or knew someone who would have their own. consul on the first day.

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I remember doing this with the Japanese version of Sony’s PlayStation 2, along with two release games, when a friend of a friend was able to secure one in Japan. He was in “quite a large line,” he said at the time, but he also noted that in the particular place he went, “anyone who wanted one was able to mark it once the limit was crossed.”

Those days are largely over, partly scalpers looking to make money fast (more on that later), but another comes down to production levels that have been hit hard by the global COVID-19 pandemic. And while my experience with the first day of the PS2 does not match other experiences, for me there is something very different in my previous purchases and in today’s gaming market.

2. Many games, little time

This is not a direct issue of the PS5 as it is more of an issue I have with work-life balance. Simply put, there aren’t enough hours in a day to balance commitments in my personal life, multiple job responsibilities, and juggle a lot of games. Unfortunately, something has to give and sadly, these days, the games have gone by the wayside.

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Although I still enjoy it and I am known to have gotten into certain games quite heavily, like Zelda: Breath of the Wild or God of war. My current PlayStation 4 game backlog is around 30. These are mostly new games that are still sealed, waiting to be consumed and enjoyed. And while I know the PS5 is backward compatible with PS4 games, it takes that into account over the other reasons on my list, once again the urge to rush in and get a PS5 feels more like a grab than a push.

3. Speaking of games, where are they?

This is one of the main reasons why I decided to hunt for a new console in general – which next-gen games are made available at launch versus upcoming ones. I can honestly tell you that speaking of aesthetics, all the new games are great. That said, my tastes in games aren’t set in stone, but I tend to push towards more RPG, adventure, and combat for the most part. The PS5 launch lineup really attracted me with just two games. OK, maybe more like a re-released game and a quasi-DLC game.

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It’s not great and it certainly doesn’t dismiss those drop-what-you’re-doing-and-track-down-to-PS5 feelings. If the Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales it’s something similar to the previous Spider-Man game released on PS4 (and on my list of outstanding achievements) and I’m betting that I will when I have a PS5. But even the developers admit that it’s not a full-fledged game like its predecessor. Demon souls is the other game I’m most excited about at launch, but I’ve already played it and, again, nothing that screams “Go get it now” as if to say, Super Mario World it was on the Super Nintendo or the above Zelda: BotW it was on the switch.

4. Don’t feed the trolls

Considering the lack of time and relative scarcity of the PS5, I have no hesitation in paying some form of premium to be able to enter next generation games. Alas, I already did this with the PS2 in 2000, the PS3 in 2006 and more recently Nintendo’s miniaturized retro consoles, NES and Super Famicom respectively.

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But I can’t justify paying 150% or more above MSRP, just to be the first to enjoy the PS5. As much as I like games, I prefer to “work smarter, not harder” and this statement applies to other aspects of life besides work. For me, holding back means spending that extra money to get more games rather than lining a scalper’s wallet.

I am also a collector of many different fandoms and understand the premium pricing model and how it applies to get the items you want with a few additional touches. For example, paying an extra fee to classify a comic or certify someone’s signature as the deceased, Stan “The Man” Lee is understandable for the time and effort put into getting certified, but not double the price!

5. It’s about the Benjamins

I’d be remiss if I didn’t take pricing into account since it’s, well, such a defining factor in games. After all, it’s not just about spending the $ 500 plus tax on the console, there’s the $ 70 per game (because games have also increased by $ 10 this generation), plus the cost of accessories, such as additional controllers. , virtual reality (VR), charging cables and downloadable content (DLC). All in all, taking into account the taxes and shipping costs, the typical PS5 spend with units, a few games, extra controllers, and spare cables, the average initial cost approaches $ 1,000.

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Going forward, the games will still cost as little as $ 70. Maybe more with a variety of editions made available, some including detailed statues of your favorite characters, but they cost hundreds of dollars. For some, the initial investment is equivalent to paying a rent or a mortgage! Ongoing purchase of games can represent the cost of monthly utilities or Internet access. Waiting for some time will only serve to lower the prices on the console itself when Sony inevitably redesigns it into a slimmer profile with a smaller footprint. Likewise, the cost of games will drop dramatically in a short time.

6. First world problems

As any technologist will tell you, the first release of any product is generally filled with bugs or inconsistent issues that affect performance. While this can vary widely by product, the PS5 hasn’t been ruled out by some pretty serious issues affecting early hardware and software users.

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Speaking of hardware, there have been reports of consoles overheating, which is never good for any computing device. Other reported issues are controllers not loading or communicating properly, digital games being uninstalled without warning, random glitches causing the system to crash in glorious ways, and the most serious causing consoles to freeze (or actually unusable).

Again, these types of problems occur with all computing devices, although they are often more prevalent during the initial release of a console and much less so during subsequent releases when manufacturers have fixed the issues. Software problems are also prevalent during the initial versions of the game software. Most of these issues can be fixed with future software patches, some of which require game size downloads on day one to fix potential game breaking issues, such as those widely highlighted in the recent release Cyberpunk 2077 game.

7. Back catalog in abundance

Sony’s PlayStation games catalog has a rich and engaging history of hundreds of top-tier AAA-rated console games that have been available since the release of the first PlayStation console. 2024 marks the 30th anniversary of PlayStation’s initial launch in Japan in 1994. There are many gems in these nearly 30 years! Looking back on more recent times, the PS4 has a huge assortment of quality titles that many gamers would find really enjoyable.

And with the costs of any PlayStation console and their respective games fairly low to moderately low (especially with upcoming holiday sales), there’s plenty of time to waste between the initial PlayStation 5 release and the next few months when the production lines. to balance, more games will be released that can further leverage the powerful underlying hardware that the next generation brings with it, and perhaps prices will start to drop, making it a boon for all console gamers looking to catapult themselves into the next generation. .

Whichever style of play suits you best, we’re all gamers looking to have fun with our chosen hobby. As long as we like what we play, little else matters beyond that.

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