Prime Minister Narendra Modi says the minimum harvest price will become the biggest lie ever

Prime Minister Modi addressed farmers in Madhya Pradesh.

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed today that the minimum price support (MSP) system will remain, as he strongly defended the new agricultural laws that resulted in massive peasant protests near Delhi. Prime Minister Modi also accused the opposition of betraying and misleading farmers and supporting protests to promote their own agenda.

Here are the top five quotes:

  • If anyone has any concerns, then with their heads bowed, hands folded, humbly, we are willing to alleviate their fears.
  • Talking about the demise of MSP following the new laws is the biggest lie ever. I want to assure every farmer across India that MSP is here to stay.
  • (The opposition) is used to lying, using farmers for votes. After winning the election, they sit down and benefit from corruption.
  • (The opposition parties) are just using you (farmers) to make politics to find relevance today, as they have lost their political ground.
  • They fear Modi will take credit for the reforms. Please take credit, for me, the only thing that matters is growth and progress for farmers.