Prime Minister Modi played an “important role” in the fall of the Kamal Nath government, says Vijayvargiya

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Updated: December 17, 2020 17:39:50

Kailash Vijayvargiya, National Secretary General of the BJP (Express Photo / File)

BJP Secretary General Kailash Vijayvargiya said Prime Minister Narendra Modi played an “important role” in the fall of the Congressional government led by Kamal Nath in Madhya Pradesh. Vijayvargiya was speaking to a Kisan Samelan (peasants’ meeting) held in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, from where he was elected six times MLA.

Addressing the crowd, Vijayvargiya said: “Ye parde ke peeche ki baat kar raha ho aap kisi ko batana mat. Mein ne aaj tak kisi ko nahi bataiye, pehli baar and manch par bata raha hu. Kamal Nath ji ki sarkaar girane mein yadi kisi ki mehatvapoorna bhoomika thi, toh Narendra Modi ji ki thi, Dharmendra Pradhan ji ki nahi thi (I’m telling you something I’ve never said before. Don’t tell anyone. If anyone played a major role in the fall of Kamal Nath’s government, it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi and not Dharmendra Pradhan). “

As Vijayvargiya welcomed State Interior Minister Narottam Mishra to the stage, he added: “The only worker who came in Kamal Nath’s dream was Narottam Mishra.”

Farmers’ meetings to raise awareness of the three central agricultural laws were held in five different districts of Gwalior, Sagar, Rewa, Jabapur and Indore in the state. In Gwalior, it was held by Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar and BJP leader Jyotiraditya Scindia; in Sagar, by Union Minister Prahlad Patel; and to Rewa and Jabalpur by Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and BJP State President VD Sharma.

Vijayvargiya was accompanied to the meeting in Indore by Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan.

However, Narottam Mishra later told the media that Vijayvargiya was speaking more lightly and that his comments were to be taken only as humor.

In March, the 15-month Congressional government fell after 22 MLAs, led by Scindia, defected from Congress to the BJP.

Since then, Congress has repeatedly argued that these MLAs were bought by the BJP to bring down its government unconstitutional. The party had campaigned for recent prosecutors using “Bikao vs Tikao government” as a slogan.

Congressional spokesman Narendra Saluja reacted to the statement by saying: “Vijayvargiya himself confirmed the Congressional allegations that his government was overthrown by Prime Minister Narendra Modi using unconstitutional means.”

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