Pranab’s Sons Discuss His Memories | India news

NEW DELHI: former president Pranab MukherjeeOn Tuesday, the offspring quarreled over the publication of their father’s memoirs, The Presidential Years, on Twitter. His son, Abhijit, tagged the publishers asking to stop publishing the book. His daughter Sharmistha, on the other hand, asked him not to create obstacles in its publication.
“I, the Son (sic) of the author of the Memory “Presidential memoirs” ask you to kindly stop publishing the memoir and reasoned excerpts that are already floating on some media platforms without my written consent, “Abhijit tweeted around 1:30 pm in a tweet in three parts.
Abhijit, a former congressman, subsequently asked the publisher to turn in the last copy of the book for review before its publication. “… If my father were alive today, he too would have done the same,” he wrote, adding that publication should be stopped “until I have passed the contents.” He also tweeted that he sent a “detailed letter about it” to the editors.
Immediately following Abhijit’s tweets, Mukherjee’s daughter Sharmistha responded to his claims, asking him “not to create unnecessary obstacles” in his publication. “He (Pranab Mukherjee) completed the manuscript before he fell ill. The final draft contains handwritten notes and comments from my fathers (sic) which have been strictly adhered to. The views expressed by him are his and no one should try to prevent them from being published for any cheap advertising. It would be the biggest disservice to our late father, “he tweeted around 3.30pm.
Sharmistha, also the national AICC spokesperson, further joked: “Btw brother, the title of the book is ‘The Presidential Years’, not ‘The Presidential Memoirs'”.
The book, published by Rupa, is scheduled for release in January. So far, publishers have published three excerpts from the book, one of which is about the Congressional “beating” in 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Another excerpt, posted online, compares the former prime minister Manmohan Singh and the style of government of the current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Pranab Mukherjee died on August 31 of this year.