POCO laptops may be launching in India soon, BIS certification suggests

POCO-branded laptops could be launched in India in the near future as two battery models R15B02W and R14B02W have received BIS certification. Noticed by whistleblower Mukul Sharma, the BIS certification shows the two battery models with the POCO brand and the Mi brand. This seems to suggest that POCO laptops could be renamed Mi laptops. This wouldn’t be surprising considering many POCO phones are also reiterated Redmi devices. POCO has only launched smartphones in India so far, but the company will likely diversify its portfolio in 2021 with the launch of POCO laptops and even the alleged POCO TWS earbuds.

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Xiaomi launched the Mi Notebook and Mi Notebook Horizon Edition laptops in India earlier this year. While we can’t say for sure, a quick search for the R15B02W battery on the internet suggests it is meant for the 15.6-inch Xiaomi Pro laptop that was launched in China. This laptop may arrive in India as a renamed POCO laptop, but at the moment this is mere speculation.

There is no official news on when POCO laptops will be launched in India, but we should hear something about it in early 2021. Although POCO is an independent brand now, it still shares Xiaomi’s manufacturing facilities and MIUI software, including other things. We will have to wait and see if the next POCO laptop is a renamed 15.6-inch Xiaomi Pro or another Mi laptop or a completely new notebook.

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