PM Modi’s visit to Gujarat and address to farmers on new farming law, PM Modi also tried to win the trust of farmers


  • PM Modi mentioned the farmers’ movement during his Gujarat tour
  • PM Modi gave confidence to the farmers who were targeting the opposition
  • Attempts are being made to intimidate farmers – PM Modi

New Delhi
Farmers have been protesting against the new agricultural rules for the last fortnight. Farmers are demanding that the government repeal all three new laws. At the same time, the government is adamant not to withdraw the law. There have been several rounds of talks between the government and farmer leaders, but no conclusion has been reached yet. Meanwhile, PM Modi has also tried to win the trust of farmers.

Mention of the peasant movement
Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived in Kutch, Gujarat on Tuesday and laid the foundation stone of the world’s largest renewable energy park. PM Modi also mentioned the peasant movement during the program. With this, PM Modi said that if a dairyman buys milk, does someone steal a buffalo? Thus PM Modi tried to persuade the agitating farmers from Gujarat itself.

PM Modi took aim
When the Prime Minister visited Gujarat on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said in an address here that efforts were being made to intimidate farmers. Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that his welfare has been a top priority of his government. He said the government is ready round the clock to allay the suspicions of farmers. After laying the foundation stone of several development projects in Kutch, Gujarat, the Prime Minister in his address also targeted the opposition parties and accused them of conspiring to confuse the farmers.

Modi on Kisan Andolan: Modi speaks in Kutch, Gujarat – Conspiracy to intimidate and confuse farmers around Delhi

PM Modi gave the example of the buffalo
PM Modi said that these days there is a conspiracy going on around Delhi to intimidate the farmers. Modi said, ‘If someone agrees to take milk from you, he takes the buffalo and leaves? We are giving the same kind of freedom to the farmers as we are giving to the cattle farmers. Farmers’ organizations have been demanding this for many years, the opposition is misleading the farmers today, but they were saying the same thing during the time of their government.