PM Modi addresses farmers in Madhya Pradesh: PM Modi removes confusion over agriculture law, says MSP will not end and mandis will not close


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi cleared up the confusion over agricultural law with Raisen
  • The farmers are being attacked with guns on their shoulders, the PMA said
  • The Prime Minister clears the farmers, the MSP will never end
  • The Prime Minister has made it clear to the farmers of Madhya Pradesh that the mandis will never close

A farmers’ convention was held in Raisen to explain agricultural laws. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has cleared up the confusion over agricultural laws. He also clarified the government’s views on many issues. PM Modi has assured the farmers that MSP will not come to an end. He also said that even the mandis will never close.

PM Modi said that now farmers are getting direct benefits due to technology. It is also being discussed a lot. Earlier, farmers did not get Kisan credit cards. We have now changed the rules for making credit cards available to every farmer in the country. Farmers now have the freedom to take loans at higher interest rates. The Prime Minister told the farmers that our goal now is to build a strong storage network in the country. For this, we are also asking the industry to come forward.

Indian farmers can no longer be left behind
Prime Minister Modi said that Indian farmers will not be able to stay back now. The work that should have been done 25-30 years ago has been completed today. Earlier people were mentioning these improvements in their manifesto. But farmers are not his priority. The agricultural reforms that have taken place today are no different. He is not bothered about why the agricultural law is being amended. His pain is about why Modi did it.

Warriors firing on farmers’ shoulders
The gun is being struck on the shoulders of farmers, the PM said. Those who are agitating in the name of farmers, when those people are in government, should this country remember this for the farmers? Today I will put the whole thing in front of the country. These people have been suppressing the report of the Swaminathan Commission for 8 years. These people have periodically used farmers for their politics. The PM said that we should take the report of the Swaminathan Commission and give it to the MSP.

Deceived farmers
Modi said that the biggest example of his fraud is in Madhya Pradesh. These people promised loan waivers to farmers. After coming to the government, the MP has made various excuses. Along with this Rajasthan has also done this operation. I ask how much fraud the farmers will give. Before every election, we talk about debt forgiveness. Small farmers come into it? The money never reached the farmers. In return, farmers received bank notices and arrest warrants. His raw letter will be found in the eight-ten year old report.

Only large farmers’ debts were forgiven

These people only forgive the debt of big farmers. The country knows these people well. We have purity like Ganga water and holy water of Maa Narmada. The money under the Kisan Sanman Nidhi is going directly to the farmers’ account. Before urea, farmers used to eat sticks. We made sure that the urea goes directly to the farmers ’account. We have stopped the nexus of corruption. Fertilizer companies that have been shut down are starting up again.

These people came to power by making false promises
PM Modi said that we will also empower the farmers with food. These people have been using farmers only for power. There were many irrigation projects in the country for 10 years. We have also worked in that direction. A lot of work is being done in MP for the welfare of farmers. “We have given some examples so that you can test our luck,” the PM said. There is no reason to distrust agricultural law.

Will be MSP
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made it clear to farmers that MSP will not stop. If we have to close the MSP, why should we implement the Swaminathan Commission report. We want to assure the farmers that MSP will continue as before and will never stop. “Our government has been increasing the MSP from time to time,” the PM said. At the same time, emphasis has been laid on MSP to procure paddy from farmers from time to time.

The beans were bought from abroad

The PM said there was a pulses crisis in the country in 2014. The government used to get pulses from abroad. These people were destroying the farmers. These people were having fun ordering beans from abroad. Lentils can be sought from outside during a tragedy. But always why. Government people used to take only 1.5 lakh metric tonnes of pulses from farmers. Our government had given Rs 50,000 crore to farmers to promote pulses cultivation. We have procured 112 lakh metric tonnes of pulses at MSP.

I assure every farmer in the country that as MSP was given earlier, it will continue to be given, MSP will not stop, or it will not end.

PM Modi

Farmers can sell crops outside the market
“Under the new law, we have given farmers only the right to go anywhere and sell their produce,” Modi said. Where it benefits, the farmer can go and sell it. If a farmer wants to sell his crop in the market, he should go to the market and sell his crop. Every farmer in the country should get the benefit. It is a sin to tie farmers in mandis. It has been 6 months since the law came into force, but no mandi has been closed in the country. We are spending Rs 500 crore for modernization of mandis.

Now someone sent me a newspaper report on March 8, 2019. In this, the Congress government of Punjab is celebrating a Rs 800 crore farmers’ agreement between farmers and a multinational company. It is a matter of pleasure for our government that the farmers of Punjab should invest more in agriculture.

PM Modi

Falsehood regarding the formation agreement
The PM said the biggest lie in the country was going on regarding the formation of the agreement. This tradition is years old in the country. We are happy to invest more and more in the agricultural sector in Punjab. We have made some changes in the newly formed agreement to protect farmers. The contract holder cannot escape his liability. He will have to keep his promises to the farmers. The formation agreement covers only yields and crops. There is no land agreement. If the trader terminates the contract, he will have to pay a fine to the farmers. But the farmer can break the contract of his own free will.

Cautious farmers
The Prime Minister has warned the farmers that lies are being spread about what has not happened. Avoid such people. “We are ready to talk to farmers on every issue if anyone has any doubts,” he said. The interest of the farmers of the country is our highest priority. We have talked to the farmers of the country on many topics. On December 25 we will talk in detail with the farmers again.

Not a single market has closed since the new law. So why is this lie being spread? The truth is that our government is spending more than Rs 500 crore on modernization of APMCs, their computerization. Where did this talk of closing APMC come from?

PM Modi

Addressing the farmers, Agriculture Minister Kamal Patel said that our government is farmer friendly. CM Shivraj Singh has also launched Kisan Credit Cards from pastoralists. With this, Rs 1600 crore has been transferred to farmers’ accounts for compensation. CM Shivraj chanted slogans saying that Modiji should go ahead and enforce the farmer law.

“Congressmen are jealous when I bow down,” said CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan. But today I bow before the farmers again. The PM farmer is putting Rs 6,000 directly into the account. What do the people of Congress know about the importance of Rs 6,000 in times of need? Our government has given credit cards to farmer brothers. With this, farmers are getting interest free loans. Farmers are getting immediate relief under the Modi government.

The people of Congress are raising their voices

Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that the people of Congress are suffering due to the agricultural law. First the farmers sold the grain outside the market and then caught them. Now Modiji has done that now he can sell it wherever he wants. Sell ​​in the market or sell yourself. Shivraj Singh Chauhan said the market would not be closed. He said the market will always be active. Come and give the farmer a higher price, sell it. Shivraj told the farmers what was wrong with this.

The Chief Minister said that the farmer should know what the rates will be while sowing. It should be settled before the trader. This is called contract formation. At the same time, the merchant must purchase the goods at a pre-determined rate. But if the farmer thinks the price is too high, he can break the contract. At the same time, with this, the PMA has now removed the stock limit. But the crocodile tears of Congress are flowing. Electricity was not available in the state during the Congress rule.

At the same time, Rahul Baba is shedding tears over agricultural law. But Rahul Baba does not even know that potatoes grow on the soil that grows underground. These people are doing plays in the name of fasting. Kamal Nath’s government had lifted the amount of crop insurance scheme. We deposited Rs 3100 crore in farmers’ accounts.