Paine hints at a top Burns-Wade combo for Australia


“We know he’s hard as a nail and will do a good job wherever he hits” – Tim Paine on Mattthew Wade © Getty

Although Tim Paine has a “number of guys willing to open the joke,” he reaffirmed his faith in Joe Burns and hinted at “tough as nails” Matthew Wade as his potential opening partner for the Day-Night Test. opening in Adelaide.

Paine also expects Steve Smith to be fit and available tomorrow, instead calling the stiff back a “blessing in disguise” because it would allow the Australian premier hitter some rest.

“Speaking to Joe, I don’t think he is (he lacks confidence). He was looking forward to this test match. His run growth hasn’t been great, but if you look at the work he has done exclusively in Test cricket for this team, he was very, very good. He averaged just over 40 in Test cricket, “Paine said.

“If Joe comes out to bat tomorrow, we have full confidence in him doing the job, there’s no question about that. Stability in good cricket teams, in good sports teams, is really important. It’s something we’ve been trying to build. in the last two years they are trying to have that stability around the selection, which takes the worry out of some players “.

The captain of Australia stopped shortly before confirming the eleven plays on the eve of the match, preferring to keep the composition of the team “at home” for the moment. But he seemed utterly confident that Smith will actually take the field against India tomorrow, despite a back pain that prevented him from hitting into the nets on 15 December.

“Dave won’t be there, but we expect Steve to be there. Steve has had a stiff back a number of times in the past and you do it when you train as much as he does. But his preparation has been very good, he beat for the ‘last week since we were in Adelaide, so for him having a day off yesterday could be a blessing in disguise.

“He played all the one-days. Once we got to Adelaide he beat for four days in a row so his preparation was pretty good … really very good. He came out in the middle of the Adelaide Oval, beating under the Spotlight. We expect him to play. He had a stiff back before. Yesterday was more precautionary; he’s in training today, so we’ll see how he goes but yeah tomorrow, if he’s fit and sore in his back, or stiff in his back – I think normally get up, pass him and find a way to score points as he always does. ”

Paine was all praised for Wade’s willingness to open the bar despite never having done so in a first-class game, indicating his inclusion as an opening is likely if not confirmed.

“Look, he’s (Wade) certainly an option to open the line. There’s no question about that. I think we have a number of guys who are willing to open the line. That says a lot about our group, not just that. Wadey. But Wadey in particular, we saw against New Zealand last year with the short ball, he is willing to put his body on the front line for his team. We know he is hard as hell and will do a good job everywhere He beats. It was cool. Obviously, we have a scenario where we could have a different opening and we had a number of guys who raised their hand to do it if that’s the best thing for the team. It’s a great thing for us. as part, ”Paine said.

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