OTT gave me the opportunity to be in the center of the frame. Previously, I’d be on the side: Chandan Roy Sanyal – Bollywood

“People loved my work and I got recognition for my performances. I haven’t had a year like this. But due to the kind of year it was 2020, I’m ashamed to say bahut maze aaye is saal, ”says Chandan Roy Sanyal.

He credits social media for multiplying his popularity. The actor admits that when his other projects were released earlier, people would have said it was good, but the kind of love he received this year was also due to social media trends. “Aashram has become a popular project. I have had people from all over the world connecting for the show. They could be about history and director Prakash Jha is known for his social policy thrillers, ”he says.

Sanyal is doing great. The actor who rose to fame with director Vishal Bhardwaj’s Kaminey (2009) also made headlines for his performances in the web series Parchhayee (2019), Bhram (2019) and Kaali. It reveals that this recognition has translated into a lot of work. “I’ve read some interesting scripts. In fact, I have 10-15 shows in sight, but humanly it is not possible to do all of them. I will choose good things. I don’t want to be swayed by flattery. This won’t last forever. Tomorrow, some other projects will take the nation by storm. I don’t want to overeat and have indigestion in entertainment (laughs), “he says.

He created a show called In Between, with a group of theatrical actors during the lockdown, which is a live movie. They did three shows last month and is happy with the response. “I am trying to keep a balance with the projects I choose, between commercial ones like Aashram and other projects I do. Negotiations are underway for some biggies in 2021 and I am happy that this year OTT has given me the chance to be in the center of the frame. First, I’d be on the side. This is exciting for me. I can’t wait “, he concludes.

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