‘Oh wow!’: LeBron James reacts to the Twitter post showing the Lakers star as no. 1 in scoring, wins and rings since 2003

A Twitter account called StatMuse has posted statistic showing just how dominant LeBron James was in his era.

James was a force to be reckoned with from the start. He has had a goat career and made an indelible impact on millions of people.

The greatness of the king has been before us for so long that people often take what he does for granted. LeBron entered the championship with high expectations and managed to surpass them all. StatMuse has compiled all the stats LeBron James has been driving for the past 17 seasons.

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LeBron James reacts to the tweet of the stats

Since joining the league, LeBron James has played 1266 regular season games, winning 839 games. He played 48,580 minutes and scored 34,263 points in the process. LeBron has 4x NBA Championships, 4x NBA MVPs, and 4x NBA Finals MVPs.

LeBron James has been selected 16 times as the NBA All-Star. He has made it to all NBA teams 16 times, of which 13 were All-NBA first team hints, 2 All-NBA second team selections and one All-NBA third team selection.

LeBron James has played 260 playoff games, winning 172, having played 10,811 minutes in the playoffs, scoring 7,491 points. He also took 2,348 and served 1,871 assists. LeBron has participated in 10 finals in his 18-year career.

All these stats obviously made the King feel flattered by the same, so he took it to Twitter to show his reaction to the same.

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The Los Angeles Lakers will play their next game tonight, as they face the Dallas Mavericks for their Christmas Day bout.