Official PUBG Season 10 Console Update Patch Notes

In season 10 a new island will be launched for all PUBG players. Additionally, there are changes to player customizations and the addition of AI enemies to the game. The update is huge and adds so much to the game all at once.

The game’s new map, Haven, is a map full of artificial intelligence. It is small in size, allowing only 32 players per game. Plus, there’s a full background story accompanying it.

Players will face a new threat during their games, an enemy faction working against them. This faction, called the Pillar, is heavily armed and is not very happy that you are in their territory. “

What makes Haven even more interesting is the AI-powered enemy gear players have to hide from. There are robots who guard high-end loot and don’t forget that there are other players too. So much in such a small space will make this map a true adrenaline-pumping delight to dive into.

Avoid the Pillar Scout helicopter as it attempts to track down and locate survivors from the sky. Those unfortunate enough to be caught by its spotlights will have to move quickly to avoid the tactical pillar truck as it approaches and attempts to quickly take out its target with bullets and fire.

Finally, players will have to contend with the pillar guards and commanders. These soldiers are heavily armored, but those who manage to take them down can find powerful equipment in the depots they guard. “

Read on to discover the official patch notes (10.1) for PUBG’s Ranked Season 10 Ranked Update 1.59. Watch the cinematic trailer below.

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PUBG Season 10 Console Update Patch Notes for Ranked Season

Ranked season 10

Season 9 Ranked Rewards will be delivered upon login. For details on these rewards, please refer to the announcement of the end of season 9 leaderboards and rewards.

  • As usual, players will need to complete five placement matches at the start of the new season.
    • Players will receive a starting rank for the season at the end of their placement matches.
    • The performance in these placement matches, as well as the final ranking of the previous season, will be used to determine an initial ranking at the end of the placements.
  • The season 9 rankings will be finalized.
    • After the live server maintenance, the Season 9 leaderboards will be updated to the final version.

Updates to PUBG Ranked Play

  • The method used to calculate RP changes for ranked games has been reworked to improve the player experience and reduce fatigue.
    • The overall RP gain / loss rate has been significantly increased to reduce unnecessary grind and performance based on the player’s current rank.
    • Players should now be able to more accurately predict how many games they would need to win or lose in a row to reach a given rank.
  • Additional penalty for team kills
    • Killing teams in Ranked will now also result in a late matchmaking penalty.
  • Added Erangel Ferry
    • The Erangel ferry currently in regular games will be added to Ranked and Export modes.

Ranked Season 10 Rewards

  • The following rewards will be available based on player rank at the end of Ranked Season 10.
    • Emblems
    • Season 10 Mirado ranked
    • Parachute ranked season 10
  • We will keep you updated with the details through the announcement of the end of Ranked Season 10 and rewards in the future.

For more information on the patch notes, click here. This update will arrive on December 17th on PS4 and Xbox One.