Now, Michelle beats for Jill Biden using the title “Dr”

WASHINGTON: A Wall Street Journal opinion piece criticizing First Lady Jill Biden’s use of the title “Dr” because she earned a doctorate in education, rather than a medical degree, caused widespread outrage in the United States, including by predecessor Michelle Obama.
The newspaper article, released Saturday, was panned for his attack about Jill Biden, who earned an EdD in 2007 and plans to continue teaching under her husband president-elect Joe BidenIt’s time in the office. Column author Joseph Epstein was accused of sponsoring Jill Biden when he called her a “little girl” and suggested that she use the title “fraudulent” and “a comic twist.” The attack sparked heated debate, and on Monday Michelle Obama joined the ranks of those who defend Jill.
“For eight years, I’ve seen Dr. Jill Biden do a lot professional women to do – successfully manage more than one responsibility at a time, from his teaching duties to his official duties in the White House to her roles as mother, wife and friend, “he wrote in an Instagram post.
“We’re all seeing what happens to so many professional women too, regardless of whether their titles are Dr, Ms, Mrs or even First Lady: Too often, our findings are greeted with skepticism, even derision,” Obama said. Jill herself responded indirectly on Sunday, tweeting: “We will build a world where daughters’ achievements will be celebrated rather than vilified.”