‘No Progress in Probe,’ Delhi HC takes note of victim’s mother’s request in ‘National Anthem’ video

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court ordered the Criminal Section of the Delhi Police to submit a report on the state of the investigation into the death of the Muslim man who was seen on video as he was being beaten by police personnel who had asked him and others to sing the national anthem during the February riots.

LiveLaw reported how a petition from one of the victim’s mothers claimed that even after nine months little progress was made in the investigation. The petition called for a court-monitored special investigation team to carry out the investigation. The court issued a notice on the reason.

The video, which showed five men lying and writhing in pain as they were kicked, prodded and beaten with batons by police, had gone viral. Over the course of the video, police asked the men to sing the national anthem, which they did, in their injured state.

As the video surfaced on February 25, it was recorded by policemen who attacked the previous night in Kardam Puri, northeast of Delhi.

Of the men, the story of 23-year-old Faizan who sustained bullet wounds is particularly gruesome and ends with his death the next day.

March 3 The cable spoke to Faizan’s mother, Kismatun, who confirmed he was one of the men seen in the video.

He also claimed that his son had died as a result of the police assault.

In his request which the Delhi High Court took note of, Kismatun said that the night before he died, Faizan had told his mother about the torture that had been inflicted on him.

LiveLaw reported on the plea, noting that “it is argued that the injured Faizan had been held in illegal detention at the Jyoti Nagar Police Station, and was denied access to medical care” until it was too late. .

“Mere release from the police station before his death would not absolve the cops of committing a murder in custody, and the petitioner is demanding justice for the same,” he states the reason, according to LiveLaw.

A FIR was presented on February 28 at the Bhajanpura Police Station in connection with the incident. The case was later transferred to the Crime Branch.

Calling the Crime Branche investigation into the murder case “farce”, Kismatun’s appeal asks the police to submit periodic status reports and a report on the action taken with the court, citing what efforts it has taken to ensure that staff do not repeat this partial action.

The petition also asks “to register all rules of service and conduct, regulations, office orders, memoranda etc. which prohibit and penalize discrimination, incitement to hatred and targeted action against religious minorities by policemen on duty “.

The issue was scheduled for February 1, 2021.