Nitish Kumar government approves free coronavirus vaccine for everyone in Bihar – India news

In line with the poll’s promise, Nitish Kumar’s government on Tuesday approved a proposal to provide a free coronavirus vaccine to all people in the state. The decision was made at the first cabinet meeting.

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that Bihar would receive free vaccines against Covid-19 during state elections.

Sources said Prime Minister Nitish Kumar has ordered the health department to work out how each resident of the state is injected against the coronavirus.

“The modalities will be elaborated in the coming days. In principle, a decision was made for free vaccination in the state. In the first round, healthcare workers can be given the doses followed by people over 60 and then 50. There will be consultations and a detailed report on the vaccination campaign will soon be prepared, ”said a senior government official aware of the developments.

Deputy CM Tarkishore Prasad said: “We decided to bring free vaccine vaccine vaccine against Covid-19 to all residents of the state as it was one of the main promises of the BJP and also the NDA. Our decision is a great gift to the people of the state after the formation of the government. We believe Bihar’s greatest strength is its human resources and we want them to be protected against deadly disease while the world is battling the pandemic. ”

Deputy CM said Covid vaccines will be administered once approved and available on the market.

Former Deputy CM and MP Rajya Sabha Sushil Kumar Modi said: “The state cabinet’s decision to provide free Covid-19 vaccines to the entire population of Bihar is a welcome decision. I think other states should emulate it. The BJP in its manifesto promised to provide free vaccines knowing full well that in Bihar only a small part of the population could afford them at market prices. Once the vaccines arrived, frontline workers, police personnel, and those over 50 would receive their doses gradually, “he said.

The cabinet also decided to generate 20 lakh jobs in the government and non-government sectors over the next five years and also to link the Hindi language with technical education as well as build Ashray stalls in each city for the elderly.

The state cabinet has approved the implementation of all Atma Nirbhar Bihar and Saath Nischai (Seven Resolutions) -2 programs for the next five years (2020-2025) as well as approving 14 more agendas, according to a press release issued by the government.

Other important decisions made were the enhancement of the incentives for unmarried girls who went from Rs 10000 to Rs 25000 while for married / unmarried girls who graduated, the incentive was increased to Rs 50000 from Rs 25000 for higher education.

Young people wishing to start a business will receive Rs 5 lakh loans with 1% interest plus a 50% grant on the cost of the project up to a maximum of Rs 5 lakh. There will be a center of excellence open in all areas. ITI (Industrial Training Institute) and Polytechnics for the higher education of students so that they adapt to the needs of employment in the technical sector.

The Seven resolves that Part 11 will focus on further improving infrastructure and facilities in the health, education, agriculture and other sectors as well, says a government department statement.

Incidentally, the decision to generate 20 lakh jobs in the government and non-government sectors is another ambitious agenda.

Officials said the chief secretary would call a meeting of all department heads on Wednesday to discuss ways of creating jobs for young people to address unemployment, which was a major poll program during the recent election. The RJD opposition had rallied in its polling program promising 10 lakh government jobs if voted for power.

“There will be the creation of jobs in the government and also the encouragement of the private sector to generate more jobs in the state. The matter would be discussed and a report would soon be prepared, ”another official said.

Other highlights of the cabinet decisions were the opening of mega skill centers in every district, equipment room in every division, sports university in Rajgir, free medical care for children who have a hole in the heart below. ” Child Heart Scheme “and the formation of new departments for skills development and entrepreneurship.