News of the TRP scandal: TRP for the Times now deliberately left for the Republic Curiosity of the server, understand the whole game – Deliberate time has now been left for the Republic TV that was deployed in the CRU investigation


  • The CIU probe into the TRP scam case has come to light
  • The investigation revealed that the TRP had deliberately dropped Times Now
  • Republic TV took an illegal approach to making it number one

The Crime Intelligence Unit (CIU), which is probing the fake TRP case, on Thursday arrested Parth Dasgupta, former CEO of the Broadcast Aud Diane Research Council (BARC). BARC COO Romil Ramagiya was arrested last fortnight. The CIU has found significant evidence against BARC’s servers against both. Mumbai Crime Branch Chief Milind Bharamba gave this information on Friday. He exposed the whole conspiracy, under which Times Now was made No. 1 to No. 2 and Republic TV was illegally made number one.

Parth Dasgupta was produced in the fort court on Friday, after which the magistrate remanded him in CIU custody till December 28. Along with Parth Dasgupta, COO Romil Ramagiya resigned from BARC a few months back. An official associated with the Mumbai Crime Branch said the two were either asked to resign by the current BARC boss or they would be sacked. Both chose to resign.

Parth Dasgupta was associated with BARC from 2013 to 2019. There were several allegations of TRP rigging several times during his tenure. The current administration of BARC later decided to conduct a forensic audit by a third party. That audit report was sent to BARC in July 2020. The CIU received that report last week. “When we file a supplementary chargesheet against the accused, we will include this audit report in it,” Sachin Waz, the investigating officer in the case, told NBT.

An official involved in the investigation of the case told NBT that the audit report contained a sample analysis of 44 weeks ahead of June 2017 and email chats between top BARC officials were found by BARC’s servers on how to make the republic a number one premeditated conspiracy. According to the official, the 44-week data showed manipulation every week. It has been completed since the beginning of the Republic.

According to Milind Bharamba, the TRP was basically manipulated in three ways. Outlay method, meta rule and channel audience control. The CAU official explained in detail, what is the outlayer method. For example, the same channel in which a barometer is installed is being watched for 8 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours in that building. Their outlayer data indicates that this data is vague. The rule is that such data should be deleted while seeking TRP, but the accused associated with BARC should not delete that data.

Citing an example of what the Mata regime is, a CAU official said that, for example, once a week the data came up that Times Now would come up, the arrested accused did not feed that data while trying the TRP. That was the data. They were tampering with the barometer under the control of the channel audio Dio. The head of the Mumbai Crime Branch said the arrested former BARC officers had been on the radar since day one but were awaiting evidence against them. He was arrested as soon as evidence was found.

When NBT was asked by Milind Bharamba, the owner / driver of the Republic was also shown to be wanted by the CIU in the remand application filed in the court of the arrested accused. Has the crime branch found sufficient evidence against him? In response, Brambe said there was no one above the law. We are not going to let anyone down. So far 15 people have been arrested in the case and many are hanging on to their hands. The CIU filed its first chargesheet in the case last month. Two accused have also been cleared. A supplementary chargesheet will be filed later.