Newlyweds Celebrate Christmas: Newlyweds are celebrating Christmas with Nanda Bachchan family: Newlyweds are celebrating Christmas with Bachchan family, pictures are also shown

Newlywed Nanda has shared some of the best pics of Christmas celebrations including Bachchan family. Apart from Navasta’s brother Agastya and mother Shweta Nanda, Amitabh Bachchan is seen in these pictures.

Newlywed Nanda has shared photos of the Christmas celebration

Bollywood stars have made headlines on social media for their Christmas celebrations. Recently, Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Naveli Nanda has officially launched her Instagram account and now she has also shared many pictures of the Christmas celebrations.

Daughter Shwarya also came with daughter Aaradhya

The childhood family is also seen together in the photos shared by the newcomer on Instagram. Apart from Bachchan, Jaya, Abhishek and Ishwarya Rai Bachchan also reached out to their daughter Aaradhya.

This photo was taken during dinner

The new novelist has shared a beautiful picture with her mother Jaya Bachchan, both of whom have balloons in their hands. This picture taken during the dinner shows Jaya and Navya giving fun poses on camera.

Share the photo with brother Agastya Nanda

Navya has shared a picture of herself with her brother Agastya Nanda, in which she is seen giving a funny reaction. He is a newcomer to the film industry, often making headlines for some reason before entering Bollywood.

These pics are telling everything

It is clear from the photos that the family enjoyed this occasion of Christmas celebration. The newcomer didn’t write anything in the caption when sharing these pics, but the pics are saying it all.