Neha Kakkar reveals the story behind Rohanpreet Singh’s song Xing Ling says he unfollowed an ex-girlfriend – Neha Kakkar

Famous singer Neha Kakkar is currently enjoying married life with her husband Rohanpreet Singh. Most recently, they arrived at the Kapil Sharma show, where they shared some interesting stories about their relationship and marriage. With this, Neha shared the story behind Rohanpreet Singh’s song Xinging Ling.

On the show, Kapil Sharma asks Rohanpreet Singh, “Your song has arrived, X calling gender”. Rohanpreet says yes and Neha turns to Kakkar. Neha and Kapil started laughing. After this Neha says, “What happened, I followed them and they made a song.” Listening to Neha, Kapil says, “I jokingly asked if this is a true story.”

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In October, Neha Kakkar shared information about Rohanpreet’s music video X calling gender on Instagram. With this he has shared an angry emoji in the caption. Commenting on the post, Rohanpreet Singh wrote, “Nehu, I swear I did nothing.” Let me tell you that Neha first met Rohanpreet on the set of the song ‘Nehu The Vya’. After the shooting was over, Rohanpreet asked him for a Snapchat ID.

On the Kapil Sharma show, Neha says that since then we have started talking. Meanwhile, Kapil Sharma asked Rohanpreet what he would have done if Neha had refused to say ID. Which Rohan called WhatsApp Cad. To which Kapil smiles and says that the man was already ready. Neha says that Sonu Didi and Jiju already loved Rohan. They call Rohan ‘Sona Sardar’. I told him that when you already like him, he will tell you why he weighs so much.

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Neha said that Rohanpreet told me that he likes me. But I said look now I have to get married straight. I am married now, so I don’t need to get married anymore. Neha says that when Rohanpreet said that I am not married yet, how can I get married now. So after that they both stopped. Neha further said, “Then suddenly one day Rohanpreet called and said Neha I can’t live without you and want to get married. Rohan was drinking at the time, so I thought he would say this, he will forget till tomorrow morning. The next day, they asked for re-marriage, so I said, “Meet your mother and talk about marriage.”