Narendra Modi at Kisan Sammelan in the afternoon: Kisan Andolan: ‘If Swaminathan report is deleted, why will it be implemented’ Modi said to MSP

Addressing a farmers’ convention in Madhya Pradesh, PM Modi said that this modern system built by India in the last 6-6 years is being discussed all over the world today. Today the program also inaugurated and laid the foundation for storage-cold storage infrastructure and other facilities. It is true that the farmer tries as hard as he likes, but if there is no proper storage of fruits-vegetables-grains and not properly, there is a big loss. I would like to urge the business world and the industry of the country to contribute more in building new storage facilities, in cold storage, in setting up new food processing enterprises.

Modi said that he has to serve the farmers in the true sense, he has to serve the country. India’s agriculture, India’s farmer can no longer live in backwardness. Modern facility which is available to the farmers of big countries of the world. , Indian farmers should also get that facility, now there can be no further delay. In the rapidly changing world scenario, India’s situation cannot be accepted if India’s farmers become helpless due to lack of facilities and modern methods.

PM Modi said it was already too late. The work that should have been done 25-30 years ago is now being done. In the last 6 years, our government has worked keeping in view the needs of the farmers. For the last several days, there has been a lot of discussion in the country about the new law for farmers. These agrarian reform laws did not come overnight. Every government has discussed it in detail for the last 20-22 years. At least all the organizations have discussed this. The country’s farmers, farmers’ organizations, agricultural experts, agricultural economists, agricultural scientists, even the progressive farmers of our country are constantly demanding reforms in the field of agriculture. In fact, the country’s farmers should ask for answers from people who have previously written about these reforms in their manifestos, gathered farmers’ votes, but did nothing. Only these demands were avoided and the farmer of the country kept waiting.

Modi said that if one looks at the old manifestos of all the political parties of the country today, one listens to their old statements, one looks at the letters of those who were earlier handling the agricultural system of the country, then the agrarian reforms that have taken place today are no different. . While our government is dedicated to the farmers and considers the farmers as the breadwinners. In the report of the Swaminathan Committee, which was thrown in the throat of the files, we dragged out and implemented its recommendations. The peasants were agitating, protesting but not shaking the stomachs of these people. These people assured that their government would not spend more on the farmer. For him, farmers are not the pride of the country, he has used the farmer to further his politics. The report of the Swaminathan Committee is a great proof of how ruthless the people who talk to the people are.

The Prime Minister said the report came, but these people continued to suppress the recommendations of the Swaminathan Committee for eight years. Before every election, these people talk about debt forgiveness and how much is debt forgiveness? Does this cover all farmers? Have these people ever thought about a small farmer who did not go to the bank who did not take a loan? As much as they talk of sending money, it never reaches the farmers. The farmer thought that the whole loan would now be forgiven and in return he would get a bank notice and an arrest warrant. Who has benefited the most from debt forgiveness? For people close to these people. The PM-Kisan scheme launched by our government will provide farmers about Rs 75,000 crore every year. That is, about seven and a half lakh crore in 10 years. Direct transfer to farmers’ bank accounts. No leakage, no commission to anyone.

The PM said, remember, how was urea 7-8 years ago? Did farmers have to stand in queues overnight for urea? In many places, there have been reports of farmers being lathicharged for urea. Whether urea was heavily sold or not. There is no news of urea shortage today, farmers do not have to eat sticks for urea. We worked diligently to address this problem of farmers. We stopped black marketing, took strict action, cracked down on corruption We made sure urea goes to the farmer’s farm. If the old governments had been concerned, the 100 large irrigation projects in the country would not have stopped for decades. Think, if the dam started to be built it has been being built for twenty-five years. This also cost both time and money. Now our government is spending thousands of crores of rupees to complete these irrigation projects in mission mode.

“We are working to deliver water to every sector,” the PM said. Our government is equally promoting beekeeping, animal husbandry and fisheries along with grain producing farmers. To promote fishing, our government is running the Blue Revolution scheme. The Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana has also been launched recently. The result of these efforts is that all previous records of fish production in the country have been broken. I say with confidence that in the recent agricultural reforms, there is no reason for distrust, no scope for lies. If we had the MSP, why would the report of the Swaminathan Committee be implemented? Second, our government is so serious about MSP that it announces MSP every time before sowing. This also makes it easier for the farmer, who is also the first to know that this crop will get so much MSP. It has been more than 6 months since these laws were enacted. Even after the law came into force, the MSP was announced as before. During the fight against the Corona epidemic, this work was done as before.

The Prime Minister said that the procurement on MSP was also done in the same mandis as before. I assure every farmer in the country that like the MSP that was given earlier, it will continue to give, the MSP will not stop, nor will it end. At the time of the last government, the MSP on wheat was Rs 1,400 per quintal. Our government is paying MSP of Rs 1975 per quintal of wheat. The MSP on paddy at the time of the previous government was Rs 1310 per quintal. Our government pays MSP of about Rs. 1870 per quintal of paddy. In the previous government, the MSP on jowar was Rs 1,520 per quintal. Our government pays MSP of Rs 2640 per quintal on jowar. At the time of the last government, the MSP on dal was Rs 2950. Our government has given Rs. Pays MSP of 5100. The MSP per gram during the last government was Rs. 3100. Our government is now paying Rs. MSP of 5100 is being paid. During the last government, the MSP on Tuvar dal was Rs. Was 4300 per quintal. Our government pays 6000 MSP per quintal on Tuvar dal. During the previous government, the MSP on mung bean was Rs 4,500 per quintal. Our government pays about 7200 MSP on mugi dal. This is a testament to how much our government pays attention to raising the MSP this time and how seriously it takes it.

Modi said that in addition to increasing the MSP, the government’s emphasis has also been on increasing the procurement of foodgrains on the MSP. The previous government had procured about 1.7 million metric tonnes of paddy from farmers in its five years. Our government has procured 3000 lakh metric tonnes of paddy from farmers in five years in MSP. The previous government had procured about four lakh metric tonnes of oilseeds in its five years. Our government has purchased lakh 56 lakh metric tonnes of MSP in its five years. Where four lakhs from quarters and where 56 lakhs. That is, our government has not only increased the MSP, but also bought a lot of farmers from the MSP on their MSP. Its biggest advantage is that more money has reached the farmers’ accounts than ever before. In the last five years of the previous government, farmers got only Rs 3 lakh 74 thousand crore on purchase of paddy and wheat on MSP. Our government has given more than Rs 8 lakh crore by purchasing wheat and paddy in a single year.

The Prime Minister said that another example of how people were used for politics with the farmer is the cultivation of pulses. Remember the year 2001, how the country faced the pulses crisis. Amidst the chaos in the country, pulses were imported. In the 5 years before 2014, he bought only 1.5 lakh metric tonnes of pulses from farmers. When our government came in 2014, we changed policy and took big decisions. Our government procured 112 lakh metric tonnes of pulses on MSP as before. APMC is another lie about our mandis related to agricultural reform. What did we do in law? We have given farmers freedom in law, a new option. Today pulses farmers are also getting more money, pulses prices have also come down, which has directly benefited the poor.

The PM said that those who cannot give MSP to farmers, or buy in MSP manner, are misleading farmers on MSP. Even after all these matters of mine, even after these efforts of the government, if anyone has any doubts, we bow our heads, very humbly, in the interest of the farmers of the country, to allay their concerns, I am ready to speak on every issue now once again on 25th December I will talk about this topic in more detail on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Revered Atal Ji. On that day, the second installment of PM Kisan Sanman Nidhi will be simultaneously transferred to the bank accounts of crores of farmers.

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