Mumbai police getting Rmila Matondkar’s Instagram account recovered after being hacked Urmila Matondkar’s hacked Instagram account found again, some posts are still missing

Mumbai: The official Instagram account of Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar (Urmila Matondkar) was hacked on Wednesday. Urmila was also very worried about this and lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Police Cyber ​​Cell. The actress herself informed that the account was hacked. His Instagram account was retrieved on Thursday.

Urmila thanked Mumbai Police
Urmila Matondkar thanked Instagram and Mumbai Police on Thursday afternoon for taking immediate action and recovering her Instagram account. However, the actress complained that some of her posts are still missing. Urmila wrote, ‘And I came back. Thanks to Instagram and Mumbai Police for your cooperation, but some of my posts are still missing. Love my Insta family so much. ‘

The actress’s Instagram account was hacked
Urmila (Urmila Matondkar) ‘s hacked Instagram account was restored, some posts were still hacked on Wednesday. Let me tell you, the actress said on Twitter that her Instagram profile was tampered with while replying to a direct message on Instagram. He wrote on Twitter, ‘My Instagram account has been hacked. First they DM you (direct message). After this, they will ask you to follow some steps and verify the account, then it gets hacked.

The actress advised
The hacked Instagram account of the actress (Urmila Matondkar) was recovered, some posts are still missing. “Women should not take cybercrime lightly,” she wrote in a tweet. I have registered an FIR for hacking my Instagram account. I met Cyber ​​Crime DCP Rashmi Karnadikar, who gave me a lot of information on the issue. Will definitely work on it in the future.

All photos were deleted when the account was hacked
All of Urmila’s posts were deleted after her Instagram account was hacked. Some of these have been recovered, some are still missing. With this no one from Urmila’s account was being tracked when the account was hacked.

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