Move to foldable phones, there is a new sliding phone that opens in 3 screen sizes

Oppo really seems to be pushing the boundaries of existing technology right now and is planning to bring some futuristic smartphones. It recently showed the X 2021 rollable phone and now it has shown a new sliding phone that can unfold in three different screen sizes.

For this a new sliding phone, Oppo has collaborated with the Japanese design studio Nendo. He says the trend of making larger-screen smartphones is a concern as they become uncomfortable to hold for longer periods. So instead, this sliding smartphone can be a solution for those who want a compact phone and a phone with a long screen.

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This new phone concept opens vertically, similar to what we’ve seen in the new versions of Moto Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. However, the design here is segmented, so it opens in three different modes.

When you open the first segment, it allows you to see the clock and notifications. Upon opening the second segment, you can enable selfie mode. And opening the third segment, which also means opening the device fully, will show you a large display, which can be used for gaming, watching movies, or doing any other type of multitasking.

There are also side buttons, which change functions depending on which mode you are in.

The interesting thing is that the design also has a space to present an integrated stylus.

But no matter how cool this sliding phone is, unfortunately this is still a conceptual device. Hence, this is unlikely to go on sale anytime soon. Oppo hasn’t even clarified when it will make this smartphone for the masses.