Milind Soman Beach Photo: Milind Soman is talking with a photo of clothes outside

Milind Soman was surrounded by contradictions on his 55th birthday. She posted a nude picture of herself on social media. He was trolled a lot in this regard. A complaint was also registered against him. Milind has reacted to the matter.

You will find 100 million such photos
Milind Soma spoke to a news portal about the matter. According to reports, he said, Instagram doesn’t remove any nude pics because people don’t wow at it. He also said that if you search #nude, you will find 100 million such pictures there. Putting this hashtag to find someone, this is their choice. If you don’t do this, you won’t see.

Troll to run Milind Soman without clothes, people say – I don’t control hormones in Omar

Naked pose with money
If someone has done nude photography, they will do it again, because there is nothing wrong with that, Milind said. He said he had previously done this work professionally for newspapers and magazines. He said if someone doesn’t want to follow him, don’t do it.

Posts are kept with the wife
Milind Soman is very active on social media. She keeps sharing her photos and videos. His wife Ankita also appears with him in these posts. Milind’s fans get a lot of posts on social media.