Man Who Died of Covid-19 co-passengers on United Flight Not Contacted by CDC; 2 Symptomatic

A 69-year-old man collapsed and died on a United Airlines flight last week, which has since been confirmed to be carrying SARS-CoV-2. Now, his co-passengers who gave him CPR for more than an hour in the flight have begun to confess that they have symptoms of COVID-19. Furthermore, they say none of them were contacted by health officials even after it became known that the man was positive.

Isaias Hernandez was on the flight to Los Angeles with about 200 other people on board when he passed out. There were three CPR-trained passengers on the flight who came forward to rescue the man. Hernandez’s wife revealed to passengers that she could have had the coronavirus as they were to be tested in California. The woman also revealed that Hernandez had lost her senses of taste and smell and was having trouble breathing.

Despite all these warnings, the passengers have not stopped helping the man. One of them, EMT Tony Aldapa tweeted later describing how he couldn’t stop helping just because he could suffer from the disease.

He said: “Knowing I had the knowledge, training and experience to help out, I couldn’t have sat idly and watched someone die.” In the same thread, he went on to say that he has since “become symptomatic” and awaits the results of his second test. From then on he did not mention either the airline or the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) had contacted him.

Another passenger Steven Chang, who was caught giving the man chest compressions, also said he had symptoms. However, his COVID test came back negative, according to a TMZ report. The report states that even 10 days after the accident none of the passengers who were in close contact with Hernandez were contacted by the CDC. The portal contacted the health organization and asked about the problem. CDC has made it clear that they will not contact individual passengers on the plane. Instead, they said they have contacted various state and local health departments who will contact the passengers.

According to a report by Mail Online, United Airlines said it was not responsible for the “request for health advice”. He then confirmed that he had given the names of all 179 passengers to the CDC. The portal was also informed by the CDC that it has contacted local health departments who will take the action forward. It is not clear why no one was contacted after so many days.