Man drops iPhone 6s from plane, receives uninterrupted video of fall from phone

In a shocking turn of events, an iPhone 6s, which was dropped from a plane, survived the fall and recorded the event.


  • iPhone 6s survives a 2000 foot fall and records the entire fall.
  • Brazilian documentary director Ernesto Galiotto, who was shooting a video with his iPhone 6s from a plane, accidentally dropped his phone.
  • The iPhone was soon relocated using the Find My Phone app.

Smartphones with glass and plastic bodies rarely survive drops, but they trust Apple’s iPhones to do things differently. In a shocking turn of events, an iPhone 6s that fell from a plane survived the crash. Yes, you read that right, the iPhone 6s not only survived a 2000-foot drop, it also recorded the entire fall.

According to Brazilian media G1, a Brazil-based documentary filmmaker named Ernesto Galiotto, who was shooting a video on his iPhone 6s from a plane, accidentally dropped his phone. The report states that he was holding his phone with one hand to catch something from the airplane window when his phone couldn’t handle the pressure caused by the winds and slipped from his hands.

However, to his delight, the iPhone was soon spotted using the Find My Phone app. When he finally got his hands on the phone, he found that the phone was still on and working properly without a single crack in the screen. The phone was found near a beach. “I was confident that I would get him back. I thought, ‘If he didn’t fall into the water, we’ll find him. For a few meters I could have hit a person – and at that height I was flying, 2,000 feet, it would have been a tragedy, imagine? it was a tragedy, it had a lot of emotions, “Galiotto told the Brazilian site.

Galiotto had revealed that his phone was not in a hard armor case but was covered in a clear silicone case with a regular screen protector on the front. The only thing that was affected was the screen protector apart from that there was no major damage. “It’s something that, if you tell someone, they won’t believe,” Galiotto said.

However, this isn’t the first time an iPhone 6s has done the unthinkable. In 2019, a photographer dropped his iPhone from a plane on a tour of South Iceland. The phone not only survived the fall, but also endured the harsh Icelandic elements for thirteen months. Photographer Haukur Snorrason was capturing the glacial river’s annual floods as it flew over a river in southern Iceland. The phone was ripped off by a gust of wind when he put his hand out of the plane window to catch the floods. He recovered the phone after 13 months and the working one too. Well done, iPhone 6s!