Letter to Santa Claus | ‘I deserve a coal but I’d like to have a gift’: the little girl’s adorable letter to Santa goes viral

The girl’s letter to Santa Claus goes viral. | Photo credit: Twitter

When the topic is “Christmas,” one thing everyone gushes out of is Santa Claus. For children all over the world, the man dressed in red and with a long white beard is always the bearer of gifts.

Children are made to believe in the power of letter writing. Curious and enthusiastic, they write letters to Santa, telling them how good they have been and what gifts they want. Some even try to hilariously plead their cause despite how bad they may have been throughout the year.

One of these letters caught the internet’s attention and is healthy of all kinds!

A 9 year old girl wrote a letter to Santa Claus. Knowing she may not have been in the good books this year. Therefore, he wrote about his situation and also asked for a gift from Santa Claus despite his behavior.

“I hope you have had a wonderful year. My year was just the opposite. I tried to be good and failed miserably. I’ll be honest, I deserve the coal, but please I’d like to have a gift, “he said.

(Image credits: Twitter)

After the introduction written above, he jotted down the list of things he wanted. In front of each item, there was a box where “Santa Claus” was expected to tick on the ones he was able to get her.

The endless list included AirPods, iPhone 12, a new and more recent computer, tickets for a trip to France, and many more. Surprisingly, it also included a snake, a panda, and a penguin.

End the letter with his name and address which was literally “out” of this world.

The letter was posted on Twitter by her sister who runs an account called “AllyTheJedi”.

It goes without saying that the lovely letter has won hearts online. It went viral as soon as it was shared on the microblogging site. Netizens couldn’t help but talk about it. Not only that, they were impressed with the grammar.

“I’m sorry for his parents. Plus, his vocabulary is great, “said one user. Others also made fun of the items he wanted.

Despite being fictitious for obvious reasons, letters to Santa are always fun to read. It’s always amazing to see how imaginative children can be.