Let the Australians play mind games: Rahane makes a statement as he tries to stabilize the Indian ship: cricket

Ajinkya Rahane may not be an extrovert like Virat Kohli, but he too knows how to give it back to opponents both on and off the pitch. After Australian manager Justin Langer said he would like to put pressure on India’s replacement captain, Rahane said he would let the Australians play mind games and would continue to focus on his team and individuals.

“Australians are very good at playing with the mind and I’ll let them. We are focusing on ourselves, on what we want to do as a unit and we will support each of our individuals, “Rahane said on the eve of the match.

It was very clear that he would not take any further pressure to captain the team but would make the most of this opportunity.

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“It’s a proud moment for me at the helm of India, obviously it’s a great opportunity, also a responsibility but I don’t want to take any pressure.

“I think what I want to do is get back to my team. So the focus isn’t on me, it’s just about the team and how we want to do well as a team. We are focusing on that, ”said the mid-range hitter.

He also revealed what Kohli told the team before leaving for India.

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“Yes, Virat spoke to all of us, before leaving. We had dinner with our team in Adelaide, so he talked to all of us to stay in the moment, play for each other and yes, enjoy each other’s success and help each other on the pitch. ” Rahane.

He said he wants his team to focus on the positives of the first test in Adelaide.

“Speaking of the last test match, you see comparatively we had two good days, only one bad hour, where we completely missed it,” he said.

“The chat was about supporting ourselves as an individual and a team, playing with our strengths and whatever we planned in the first Test match, let’s stick with that,” he said.