Lampard invites Chelsea players to rest, but also to “ wake up ”

The holidays are a hectic time especially in the Premier League, but before all that madness really begins, Chelsea have six almost luxurious days in between games at the moment and will have another five days after Monday’s game against West Ham United.

We may have forgotten what it’s like to have more than three days to contemplate, recover and work, but the extra vacation days come at a perfect time. Chelsea need to reset, rearrange, refocus, refocus everything after two more disappointing defeats put a blow to reality at the tail end of a 17-match unbeaten streak.

Or, as Frank Lampard said, we need to rest, but we also need a lot to wake up. It might be contradictory in the real world, but it makes all the sense in the world of football.

“[The players] You can rest a little, hopefully not a happy rest because when you lose games you are not happy, but physically the players need a little break to enter another very busy period.

“We have to reflect on the two games in which we have lost points, which is disappointing, but we also know that this is a long season. We have to recover; the players must recover. We are a young group, some players are new to this league, they have to realize what it is about right now, because matches like the last two show it. “

Lampard had preached consistency throughout the unbeaten streak, but having failed that test, we need to go back to basics and focus on short-term results rather than any long-term goals. Any subdued, ambitious or overly optimistic talk about a title challenge must be put on the back burner. It’s about getting a fair game.

“We have to think in the short term and the players have to learn the lessons because the games get tight and fast at Christmas time.

“I know what we can do and I know that consistency is another matter. We had a long streak of unbeaten runs, great, but to really get to where we want to be it has to be longer than that, or if you have a blip you have to recover from that. “

-Frank Lampard; source: Chelsea FC

We are one third of the end of the season. We have plenty of time to worry about consistency. First of all let’s worry about winning again.