Kashmiri Shah Nandad Aarti Singh angry, questions Nikki Tamboli – Kashmira Shah Bhabhi Aarti Singh raises angry questions on Nikki Tamboli tmov

After returning home from Bigg Boss 14, Nikki Tamboli formed a good relationship with Kashmiri Shah. But earlier this week, when Nikki and Manu were asked to come closer to Punjabi, they got into a fight. A big fight broke out between Nikki and Kashmira. After this incident, Nikki completed the revenge by nominating Kashmira. Their fight didn’t stop here, Nikki talked about the Kashmir era. Now, ex-contestant Aarti Singh, who is Kashmiri’s sister and Bigg Boss’s sister, reprimanded Nikki for doing so.

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In a conversation with Times India f India, Aarti raised questions about Nikki, Aarti said, “Nikki was bad about Kashmiri age. First I talked to Aijaz Khan about her age and now about Kashmiri. Who do you support these people? First, Do as much work as Ijaz and Kashmiri, achieve it, even if you succeed in life, you can’t comment on someone’s age. Forget about their age, please see their dedication to work and health. You can also see their latest photoshoot Are. “

Aarti further said, “This does not mean that you are commenting on someone’s age. He is an equal partner with you. He has been recalled after 14 years in the season of Bigg Boss Philahal. What age are you talking about then? He has come to this age after doing so much work. Aarti has also shared a video which is going viral on social media.

Let me tell you that Nandi Aarti Singh of Kashmiri has also been a contestant of Bigg Boss 13. Where in the last few parts even Kashmiri had reached inside the house to support Aarti. Aarti also played a very good game in his season.