Kashmera Shah VS in Bigg Boss 14, BB14. Nikki Tamboli, Artie Singh and Krishna Abhishek Blast Nikki Tamboli is to fight in Bigg Boss 14.

New Delhi, J.N.N. After Kashmira Shah’s fight with Nikki Tamboli in Bigg Boss 14, Kashmira’s husband Krishna Abhishek and Nand Aarti Singh have appealed to the pro-Kashmiri audience to vote for her. And saw Nikki Tamboli fighting with each other. Nikki named the age of Kashmiri to be kicked out of the show, made it an issue and she didn’t like Kashmiri and we saw her fighting with Nikki on this issue.

After this, Kashmira cried and she and her family got out of it. Aarti Singh, a Kashmiri sister-in-law who starred in Bigg Boss’s reality show last season, has made a video of Nikki being hit.

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In the video released, Aarti Singh said, “I am making this video to urge all of you to vote for Kashmira Shah. I’ve watched the episode and I’m glad he plays with respect. It has not come to any level. No one disrespected anyone just for the sake of appearances. Kashmiris do not believe in others just to show off. He always takes an attitude, whether it is true or false and I really see that he is fearless and confident.

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Aarti Singh further says, “In last night’s episode, I saw Nikki Tamboli commenting on the age of Kashmiri. What do you think First Ijaz and now Kashmir. You people see their achievements even if we do a lot of work we have no right to comment on anyone’s age. Big Boss is a platform where everyone is the same. Who are you commenting on at someone’s age? Either way I think you guys are showing your personality which is pretty good. Continue. Please vote for Kashmiri and let my Aarti Sena spread this word. ‘

Kashmira’s husband Krishna Abhishek and friends Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia have also appealed to Kashmir to vote, as they have been nominated for homelessness this week.

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