Kanta Prasad, accused in ‘Baba Ka Hababa’, has threatened to kill Gaurav Vasan

Baba’s boss has made a big accusation against Gaurav Vasan. (File)

Kanta Prasad, who runs Baba Ka Dhaba, has accused YouTube Gaurav Vasan. According to information received, Kanta Prasad has also lodged a complaint with the police in this regard.

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    December 18, 2020, 12:01 AM IST

Delhi. The story of achieving fame and success and increasing your luck will be heard a lot through social media. But Kanta Prasad, who runs Baba Ka Haba in Delhi, is a living example. Kanta Prasad (Baba Ka Hababa), who became an overnight sensation after going viral on social media, has once again hit the headlines. According to a report so far, Kanta Prasad has been accused of making death threats.

Baba’s Dhaba Kanta Prasad claims that he has been constantly murdered Death threats Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding. Kanta Prasad says there was no earlier quarrel with Kili’s man that there was no old feud. But for the past few days strangers have been threatening to come near the door or by phone.

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Kanta Prasad lodged a complaint at the police stationKanta Prasad says he is also afraid to get out of the house. He has lodged a complaint with the local police following repeated threats. According to media reports, the police have not registered any FIR at this time, but have started investigating the claims of threats at their level.
Lawyers come forward to help

According to information received, his lawyer named Prem Joshi has come forward to help Baba’s father Kanta Prasad who claimed to have made threats. The prosecutor has lodged a complaint with the police. According to the lawyer, YouTube may be behind the threats. However, no confirmation has been received in this regard. Baba’s lawyer has accused YouTubra Gaurav Vasan of making Kanta Prasad famous. However, this issue has not been officially confirmed in any way.