Kangna Ranaut says Merry Christmas and makes fun of the extremists

Actress Kangana Ranaut has shared a photo of the Christmas celebration. Along with this, he has also hinted at wishing some people a Merry Christmas. Kangana tweeted, ‘Merry Christmas to only those who respect and accept all Indian festivals. Merry Christmas to those who don’t just criticize Hindus. Kangana Ranaut has condemned people who show bigotry about festivals in this post. Some people are even trolling him on this post. One user has accused him of playing politics through this post.

Not only that, one user said that now it will be targeted by right-wingers again. Apart from this, many users said that instead of Christmas, we are remembering the sacrifice of Guru Gobind Singh’s family. Kangana Ranaut shared the post on Twitter as well as Instagram. Earlier, he shared photos of his Christmas celebration with his sister and sister-in-law yesterday evening. Sharing the photos, Kangana wrote, ‘Yesterday my sister-in-law came home and Rangoli prepared carrot halva for her. Some pics of last night’s dinner. ‘

Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut recently shared a photo of her in central Mexico, in which she was wearing a bikini. A class on social media tried to troll him because of this photo. In response to the trolls, Kangana Ranaut tweeted, “Some people are looking at my bikini picture and giving me sermons on Dharma and Sanatan. Will you perish and call yourself a devotee? Come on religion, don’t be its contractor …. Jai Shri Ram. ‘

Notably, Kangna Ranaut is known for her clarity on social and political issues. She has been constantly tweeting about the current peasant movement. He recently tweeted calling a woman Shaheen Bagh’s grandmother, which was also in controversy. He deleted his post, but sent him two legal notices to apologize. Apart from this, he was criticized by many stars including Punjabi star Diljit Dosanj.