Kangana Ranaut contradicts the statement that “a great artist is a great person?” Swara Bhasker weighs – bollywood

Actor Swara Bhasker said great artists don’t have to be great human beings in real life. Her comments come after Kangana Ranaut drew criticism for her views on various topics and discussions with Urmila Matondkar, Jaya Bachchan and Diljit Dosanjh.

In an interview, Swara was asked if Kangana contradicts the claim that “a great artist is a great human being”. Swara was formerly referred to as a “B-grade actor” by Kangana.

He told IANS: “I think it has nothing to do with Kangana in particular. Yes, we’ve had our share of arguments in the past, but I think we really need to rethink the assertion that you have to be a great human being to be a great artist. We often make this mistake that just because a person is playing an on-screen character who is enduring and heroic and because she is great at her craft and has talent, they are the same in real life. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re great human beings in real life. This does not mean that all the heroic quality of a character on screen is present in the actor who plays him. ”

Earlier this year, Swara reacted to Kangana’s disparaging remarks against her and told Pinkvilla in an interview that she supports people’s right of expression. He said he will support him “even if I have to listen to some gaalis”. However, what it fails to achieve is blatant lying. “You shouldn’t lie. You can call me whatever you want but you shouldn’t lie. To say that I support nepotism is frankly a lie, ”he said in the interview.

Swara also said that what Kangana said about her – being a B-level actor and a Karan Johar licker – reveals her mindset. “In my head, B stands for the best. So I’m what you call me what you want. Sometimes what people say reflects more about their mindset than the people they talk about. And I think that’s what happened with the outsiders and the debate over grade B actors, it’s really just sad. I think people were revealing their mindset rather than saying something about me, Taapsee or anyone else, “he said.

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Kangana had said in an interview with Republic TV: “What I want to convey through this interview is … for me, I only have to lose here … because I know tomorrow they will have about 20 needy strangers like Taapsee Pannu or Swara Bhasker who she will stand up and say, “Oh! Only Kangana has problems with nepotism. We love Karan Johar.” If you love Karan Johar, why are you both B-grade actresses? You are both more beautiful than Alia Bhatt and Ananya (Panday). You are both actresses better. Why don’t you work? Your whole existence is proof of nepotism. What about how satisfied you are with the industry? “

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