Kangana posted a photo in a bikini, which angered the troll devotees

Yes, Kangna Ranaut is in the news once again. It has an inseparable relationship with the contradictory. Kangana is sometimes trolled about her statement, sometimes about her videos. This time he has been trolled by taking a photo of himself. Which he has shared on his social media.

In this photo, Kangana Ranaut is wearing a bikini. Sitting on the beach, Kang is enjoying the sunshine. While sharing the photo he wrote,

“Mexico has been an amazing place for me. This place is beautiful but quite unexpected. This photo is of Mexico.”

Kangana shared the photo on her social media at 138 in the morning and then trolled all day. Some people liked this photo of Kangana, but the number of people expressing outrage was high. People reminded Kangana of their culture. Some said Kangna constantly talks about the culture of the country, so she should not share photos in a bikini. One user wrote,

“Madam, your image is of a good religious, patriotic and cultured actress from all over the country. Tweeting such pictures does not suit you, today’s youth consider you a role model, I have a small request, you should not share such pictures, otherwise other actors And what will be the difference between you?

Another user wrote,

“If there’s any shame left, Kangana, because of you, we have to envy the nationalists. Do a photoshoot like this after being half-naked and then tweet it in public, is there a woman like you who suits her? The nationalist sisters who idolize you What will he do as follows? Photo of Reaction O Kanag

The troll later angered Kang. He shared a photo again and responded to his trolls. However, even in this, the pride of the language was forgotten. Kangana wrote in a tweet,

“Some people are giving me discourses on Dharma and Sanatan after seeing my bikini picture. What will happen to you if mother Bhairavi comes out with bare hair, naked clothes, blood drinking image? You will go and call yourself a devotee? Contractor of Dharma… Jai Shri Ram” Don’t be

Now people have also started trolling her on this photo of Kangana. Some are commenting on their language, while others are calling Kangana a contractor of religion. Well, Kangana was also in the discussion about his earlier statement for the peasant movement. His Twitter battle with Diljit Dosanjh after that was also very famous.

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