‘James Harden flew to Vegas on rest days’: how Rockets preferential treatment led to splitting with Chris Paul

Some details have emerged about James Harden’s preferential treatment with the Rockets.

The Rockets stayed for the night or extra days after games in the street towns that are Harden’s favorite stops. Places like Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Atlanta are featured here.

The benefits didn’t end there: Harden had to fly to Las Vegas every time he had a day off. Friday of the All Star weekend is one of those days off for the scoring champion.

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The management of the Rockets has turned a blind eye to the whims of their champion. Because the beard was dominant every time he went down to court. Trouble came when he started limiting their potential on the pitch as well.

Chris Paul had bones to choose with against James Harden

According to Chris Paul, Harden became essentially useless on offense when he didn’t have the ball. Sometimes he could barely get over halfway as he watched when Paul had the ball. Harden quickly grew tired of Paul barking at Mike D’Antoni about his worries.

He threatened to ask for a trade if the Rockets did not trade for Russell Westbrook. This swap cost the franchise choices for the 2024 and 2026 NBA Draft, as well as 2 additional pickup swaps.

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Things went south with the Westbrook pairing this year. The Rockets had to trade Clint Capela and get super small. This has led to an imbalance on the roster. Westbrook returned from Covid in much worse shape, and another bubble injury deprived him of all his playoff effectiveness.

It’s been a daunting pair of playoffs for Harden, who now wants a trade with another contender.