Israel retaliated after a Syrian missile landed near a nuclear reactor

JERUSALEM, Reuters. Earlier in the day, a missile fired from Syria at Syria sent shockwaves through the country’s top secret nuclear reactor. The Israeli military provided information about this. Following the incident, the Israeli army responded by attacking missile launchers and air defense systems in Syria. In recent times, missiles have also been fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip. In response, Israel attacked several Hamas bases, which contained Gaza.

The incident is the most violent incident between Israel and Syria in recent years. There are indications that Iran also had a role in the incident. The Iranian military is present in Syria and has a hold here. Tehran has repeatedly accused Israel of attacking its nuclear facilities. The latest case is from April 11, when Iran’s evil nuclear facility was sabotaged. Iran also blamed Israel and vowed to retaliate. Iran also threatened to complicate efforts to revive the ongoing international nuclear deal with the US leadership.

Siren heard a few kilometers away from the nuclear reactor

The Israeli military said it had set up a missile-defense system. But it has not been confirmed whether any missiles have been found by it. However, the military said in a statement that no casualties were reported. At the same time, the sound of air raids was heard in Abu Krinat, a few kilometers from the Negev desert city of Dimona. Israel’s nuclear reactor is located in Dimona. The sound of explosions in Israel may have come from an air defense system.

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