Infosys favors a flexible “hybrid” work model for employees in view of the pandemic

Infosys said on Tuesday that its employees will continue to work from home largely through 2021, although many of them will return to the physical office environment depending on the needs of the client and the project work.

The company will follow a hybrid model for its employees to work both from home and back to the office, and that could change depending on vaccination. The company has a total workforce of 240,000 employees in 40 countries.

“We’ve done an incredible job building the infrastructure and being able to work from home. We are making sure our employee engagement remains very high. Pravin Rao, our COO, has built an incredible facility where people are able to work in a hybrid way depending on how the situation evolves in the different cities in which we operate, “said Salil Parekh, MD and CEO of Infosys.

Company employees are able to work in a flexible environment thanks to the share capital created by the company. “Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we will be able to increase our work from the office environment,” he said during his interaction on Media Day.

Parekh also said that the Covid-19 pandemic has led to huge demand for its digital offerings like Cloud and Cyber ​​security. Infosys expects to earn 50% of its total revenue from digital offerings in the coming quarters. Digital revenue currently stands at 47% of total revenue.

Infosys enables its employees to retrain and learn new technologies in the digital space.

Commenting on the deal’s pipeline during the ongoing third quarter, which is usually a weak quarter for IT services companies, Parekh said the deal’s momentum is steady and strong for the company.