Indian Idol 2020: Neha Kakkar and Aditya Narayan dance to the melodies of the song of Sayli, the daughter of the Covid warrior on the front line, at the big premiere

Sayli Kamble, daughter of a frontline Covid warrior, echoed her voice on stage as she impressed everyone in the Grand Premiere Episode of Indian Idol 2020. In an effort not to miss the fun, Judge Neha Kakkar and host too Aditya Narayan shook a leg on stage entertaining the masses with their footsteps.

Their perfect synchronization and moves ensured a jaw-dropping moment on Indian Idol 2020’s Grand Premiere episode.

Sayli had previously given an outstanding performance during her gala round and one reason for that was also because her society members and friends accompanied and danced on stage in support of her and wished her good luck.

Her performance deeply impressed the judges as they stated: “Your musical notes are crystal clear and you sang with such precision, this shows the practice you put into your singing and also reflects your passion for it. God bless you. ! ”

Joyful Sayli said: “I am extremely happy that the judges found me capable of singing on an iconic stage like Indian Idol! I’ve always been a fan of this show and today I’m singing to it, it feels like magic! My father is my inspiration who very bravely previously served in the Navy and even as the pandemic hit, he took on the job of an ambulance driver to help save lives during the Covid-19 pandemic. ”