India will be toll free in 2 years: Nitin Gadkari

NEW DELHI: Nitin Gadkari, Minister for Road Transport and Highways, on Thursday said India would be toll free within 2 years. Speaking at ASSOCHAM Foundation Week, the minister also revealed that the upcoming toll collection will be based on GPS (global positioning system).
The government has finalized the new toll collection system which will be implemented in cooperation with the Russian government. To ensure the uninterrupted movement of vehicles across the country, the next toll collection system would directly deduct the money from the linked bank account.
While recent passenger and commercial vehicles are equipped with GPS, the government would find a way to install GPS systems in older vehicles as well. This move comes after the government also pushed the FASTag system which is now mandatory and aims to reduce congestion at toll booths and make long journeys run smoothly.
According to the minister, the Indian National Authority (NHAI) could attract revenue of Rs 1.34 trillion in 5 years after the introduction of the GPS-based toll system.
“We have thoroughly examined and finalized the GPS-based toll collection system with the help of the Russian government. And within 2 years, India would be toll-free. The GPS system will be used to track the vehicles and the amount due will be deducted from the respective bank accounts, ”Gadkari said at the virtual conference.