India vs Australia: ‘No one but India’ – Gautam Gambhir explains why this Indian team seems ‘so unstable’ – cricket

If India does not win the Boxing Day Test against Australia at Melbourne Cricket Ground starting Saturday, it will be the first time in 88 years that they will end a year without registering a single victory in a year. The Boxing Day Test will be the fourth of the year in India: they were canceled 0-2 in New Zealand earlier this year in February and were beaten comprehensively by Australia to Adelaide.

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Former opening hitter Gautam Gambhir, who was part of the team when India reached the pinnacle of the ICC Test rankings in 2009, believes the reason India is in a mess is due to the constant cutting and change that was done at their Playing XI. Gambhir’s statements come after India announced its Playing XI for the MCG test, which includes four changes, although two of them are forced. With Ravindra Jadeja on the way for Virat Kohli and Mohammed Siraj replacing the injured Mohammed Shami, the other two changes were Shubman Gill taking over from Prithvi Shaw and Rishabh Pant arriving for Wriddhiman Saha for the wicketkeeper slot.

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Gambhir believes Pant and Saha are out of luck knowing that neither player’s place on the team is secured because it was only after one game that Saha would be replaced by Pant. “It’s a shame and Wriddhiman Saha only played one test match in this series and didn’t do well and crashed. “Imagine what happens to Pant if he doesn’t do well in this or the third test. So what do you do? You would go back to Wriddhiman Saha, ”Gambhir said on the Sports Today YouTube channel.

“That’s why this team looks so upset because no one is safe. Professional sport is synonymous with safety. Everyone is talented when representing the country. All they want is security and the certainty that we are there to support you, not just with words but with deeds. No one but India rotates the wicketkeeper based on conditions. “

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After MS Dhoni’s retirement from Test cricket in early 2015, Saha has emerged as the Indian figure behind the shackles. It was in 2018 that Pant was drafted into India’s Test setup after injuries knocked out the Bengal wicketkeeper’s batsman. However, since his return, Saha and Pant have been embroiled in a fluctuating battle, and it is damaging India a lot, Gambhir reckons.

“In fact, it has been unfair to Rishabh Pant and Wriddhiman Saha for a long period of time where they picked and picked players on terms. You don’t do this with wicketkeepers. You do it with the bowlers ”, he got angry.

“In foreign conditions, you play two spinners based on conditions, it’s understandable, but what other teams in the world have cut and changed wicketkeepers based on conditions. None other than India. “

Gambhir ridiculed the argument that one goalkeeper is better than the other when it comes to playing at home and abroad. “I have never believed in this rotation policy theory that Wriddhiman Saha is only good for the sub-continent and Rishabh Pant is better overseas because that’s not how teams are doing. If you are good in Indian conditions, you need to deliver in overseas conditions as well. Whether he does or not is irrelevant, “added the former Indian hitter.