India v Australia Australia Sunil Gavaskar believes Shubman Gill should open for first Test with Mayank Agarwal

New Delhi The Indian cricket team will have to start the Test series in the absence of Rohit Sharma. Many questions have been raised about who will play with Mayank Agarwal at the start of the Indian team. Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has spoken to Mayank about giving young Shubman Gill a chance in the opening.

“I think Shubman Gill should start the innings with Mayank in the first Test as he has shown good form,” Gavaskar said. Allen was there during the boundary practice match and was impressed with Gill’s batting. For this reason, I also believe that he should start the innings with Mayank Agarwal in the first Test.

Former Australia captain Alan Border believes Gill’s technique is more suited to Australia’s position than the Earth show. Prithvi flopped in the warm-up match and scored 0, 19, 40 and 3 in four innings.

“I have been in Sydney for the last few days and watching the practice match of the Indian team against Australia,” said Border. I was so impressed with Gill, I really think there’s something inside of him, his technique is good. I know he is young because of this he can play some hasty shots here and there but he really looks like a good and serious cricketer. Of all the people I’ve seen, this player will be on my list.

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. The shots they put on are pretty good on a flat pitch but in Australia you have to think before you play shots. Your shot selection should be good. As I said he felt a little weak about the stump stump. If I were the Indian selector, I would have kept an eye on Gill.

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