Ind VS K Srikkanth believes India will fight in Melbourne as Australian Australian batting is not very strong

New Delhi Disappointed after the Indian cricket team’s defeat in the Adelaide Test, the former cricketer or Srikkanth advised the team to forget it as a nightmare. He said the team has the power to return to India and he should also keep in mind that the batting of host Australia is not so strong.

Kohli will pick up the team on Virat’s shortage, Srikkanth insisted, “I think the mentality was very defensive. They have to come back together now. They have to bring a positive spirit. The best way is to go. But to be honest, when you King If you lose Kohli, it will be a difficult task and Shami will not be there. “

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The former batsman expressed confidence in the Indian team saying it was a bad day which was like a nightmare. He said, “But I am sure the team will face it and fight it. All the people of India were disappointed with this thing, but then everyone admitted that it was a nightmare.”

The former Indian cricketer hinted that Australia’s batting said he was not that good either. The team has suffered a lot due to the omission of David Werner. The Indian team must take advantage of Australia’s poor batting.

“Let’s not forget that Australia’s batting is also not very good. I believe Australia’s batting is 30 per cent David Werner, 30 per cent Smith and the rest 30 per cent overall. But yes their bowling is very good. Australia Australia’s batting is very good,” Srikkanth said. Not very strong. ”

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