Increased anticipation of dealing with Corona, massive support for emergency use of the modern vaccine – U.S. Food and Drug Administration expert panel endorses Moderna COVID 19 vaccine

Story highlights

  • The Food and Drug Administration panel gets the green signal
  • The modern vaccine is said to reduce the risk
  • The American vaccine is approved for emergency use

An exercise is underway to combat corona virus infections around the world. A vaccine trial is underway to get rid of this epidemic. Meanwhile, U.S. A panel from the Food and Drug Administration has approved the emergency use of the modern Corona virus vaccine. The panel considered it another option to deal with Kovid.

According to news agency Reuters, the committee said in a 20-0 vote that the vaccine is effective in reducing the risk of corona in people 18 and older. About a week ago, Pfizer and German partner Bioentech were vaccinated by the same panel.

However, the emergency use of the modern Corona vaccine has provided another option for dealing with Corona. It has been found safe and effective in new data. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently indicated it would allow emergency use of modern vaccines. The emergency use of the Pfizer vaccine has already been approved. Its use has also begun in Britain.

With the approval of emergency use of the vaccine, expectations about dealing with corona in the United States have increased. Three million people in America have lost their lives due to corona. Corona outbreaks in the United States can be estimated from the fact that 3,580 people died due to the infection on Wednesday. U.S. In, the impact of the Corona crisis has been seen on hospitals and health care workers.

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Dr. James, chief executive of Mehri Medical College College, who voted in favor of the emergency use of the modern vaccine. However, he said he was not yet convinced that the vaccine would reduce the risk of corona in people of all ages. He said he would like to see more trials.