In the afternoon, Narendra Modi sent a condolence letter to Nawaz Sharif about his mother’s death – claims of Pak media

Pakistani media has reported that PM Narendra Modi has written a letter to former Pakistani Prime Minister and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif to mourn his mother’s death. According to Dawn News, the Indian embassy handed over the letter to PML-N vice-president and Nawaz’s daughter Maryam Nawaz last week and requested that the father send a message to Nawaz Sharif, who has been living in London since last year. .

Begum Shamim Akhtar, mother of Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif, died on 22 November in the UK. His body was brought to Pakistan and handed over to Lahore. According to a letter published in the Pakistani media, it was written on November 27. In this, PM Modi has deeply mourned the death of Nawaz Sharif’s mother.

“Dear Mian Saheb, I am deeply saddened to learn of the death of your mother Begum Shamim Akhtar. My heartfelt condolences are with you at this time of grief,” Modi wrote, recalling his meeting with Nawaz’s mother in Lahore in 2015. “His simplicity and warmth were truly touching.” He further wrote, “In this hour of grief, I pray to the Almighty to give you and your family the strength to bear this imperfect loss.”

On December 11, Indian Ambassador Gaurav Ahluwalia wrote a letter to Maryam Nawaz and PM Modi’s letter to her in Lahore. It said PM Modi’s message should reach Nawaz Sharif. Significantly, in December 2015, PM Modi suddenly returned to Lahore from Kabul. Here Nawaz Sharif welcomed them and from here both the leaders reached Ravind by a helicopter. Modi attended the wedding of Nawaz Sharif’s granddaughter here.