Impact of NDTV news, CM Shivraj talks big about contract farming – Impact of NDTV news, CM Shivraj talks big about contract farming

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan said today, “Nowadays he is in a dangerous mood, he will not leave the mess, he is in the form of mama.”

So it looks like Mama Kaka is in a really dangerous mood when she took a quick note of NDTV news. On Wednesday we reported how in the name of the contract, the farmers were given a page filled form, neither the terms were written in writing … neither the company was sealed, nor anyone’s signature. The name of the company was the name of a businessman who sells fertilizer and medicine, not even his signature.

The Congress also reacted sharply to the NDTV news, with Rahul Gandhi tweeting, “Indian farmers are agitating against anti-agricultural laws to avert such a tragedy. In this satyagraha we all have to provide food to the nation. We have to support it.” . “

But this will not happen now … After showing the news on NDTV, the Chief Minister has said that it will not happen now, there will be format, farmers will also get training.

The CM said, “If someone enters into an agreement, a format has to be filled when planting crops. They will be submitted to the SDM so that no one can redundant. They will also give you the format. They will not give up.”

On the occasion of the announcement of PM Honors Fund, the Chief Minister made this announcement on contract farming. In Madhya Pradesh, the Central Government gives only two lakh rupees in three installments of two to two thousand rupees every year, the State Government also gives two in two installments. Gives two thousand rupees.

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