Hrithik Roshan with Wonder Woman 1984 with family watched WWW after watching H. Tvik Roshan made this comment, then Wonder Woman replied

New Delhi: Actress Gail Gadot The superhero film ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ has been released in the country. The DC Comics film has been released in India a day before other countries. The film will be released in other countries on December 25. In India, it was launched on December 24, just a day earlier. To watch this movie Hrithik Roshan Arrived at the theater.

Hrithik Roshan arrives to watch ‘Wonder Woman 1984’
Hrithik Roshan Arrived to see the movie with his family. She also liked this film. With her ex-wife Hrithik Susan Khan And both of their children were present. Hrithik himself gave this information. Hrithik has shared three photos on Twitter. Together wrote, ‘Just saw Wonder Woman. It was a great experience. Enjoyed my first love (movies) with my childhood Crush (Wonder Woman) and IMX experience. There is nothing better than this. Thanks to Gail Gadot for being a perfect Wonder Woman. Congratulations also to the entire team of the film.

Wonder Woman reprinted on Hrithik’s tweet
After this Hrithik Roshan (Rtvik Roshan) He has been replying to this tweet of ‘Wonder Woman’. Gail Gadot wrote in reply, ‘Glad you liked this movie. Happy Holidays to you and your family. ‘Fans are commenting a lot on this tweet by Gail Gadot.

The film will also be released in these languages
Let us tell you that in the film Gail Gadot There are also stars like Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal and Kristen Wig. The film has been released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu besides English.

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