How To Quickly Complete Fortnite Legendary Mission “Deal Damage From Above”

Fortnite has a plethora of new challenges this time around, along with some legendary challenges.

The latter offers a large amount of XP after completion, but they have several levels that players must complete. And because they’re lightly ground in nature, almost all Legendary Challenges have a Group Assistant activated on them.

Quickly completing the “Do damage from above” challenge in Fortnite

To quickly complete this challenge, players need to enter Hydro 16. The Dam is not a popular spot with players because there isn’t enough loot there. Hence, it is a safe place to land. Ruckus can be found patrolling inside the building and sometimes outside as well.

Ruckus’ advantage is that this NPC has a lot of HP. Climbing stairs or building platforms to get past him and then landing shots to take him out will help complete this task efficiently. If players are in a party, taking out Ruckus is always faster.

Ruckus has around 800 HP, so completing all levels of this challenge in Fortnite using this method would see players land around 25 times in this particular area to take down Ruckus.

If players are doing this legendary Fortnite mission via a party, having players who can build and gain height quickly is essential to completing it.

These legendary missions make things easier in Fortnite. Players previously would have struggled to get through the battle pass to get the XP needed to progress through the levels.

However, with Season 5, the amount of XP these challenges offer can help players whiz through the battle in no time. They also get some XP to survive long enough in a match. When paired with the XP earned from these challenges in Fortnite, XP grinding is much easier for everyone.

Published December 25, 2020, 5:36 pm IST