How to invest a record in the price reach of Wikipedia on Thursday

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin continues to break records worldwide. Large investors are investing in it due to higher profits. On Thursday, Bitcoin crossed 23000 for the first time. This year, Bitcoin has risen 220 percent. According to Bloomberg, Bitcoin prices rose 9 percent to 23,256 dollars on Thursday. The Bitcoin and Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto index has tripled this year.

What is cryptocurrency or bitcoin?
Explain that cryptocurrency is a digital currency based on blockchain technology. With this technique, currency transactions are fully .ditted. The management of cryptocurrency is independent of the central bank, which is its biggest drawback.

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This is how Bitcoin is traded
Bitcoin is traded digitally. The price of Bitcoin remains the same worldwide at one time. No country determines it, but it is a currency to be controlled digitally. There is no set time for bitcoin trading which also causes its prices to fluctuate rapidly.