How to identify the first symptoms of Covid-19

A new study has listed some of the Covid-19 symptoms that indicate early signs of Covid-19 but were previously flagged as common health problems.

The study, published in the journal Annals of clinical and translational neurology observed 412 patients and reported that 82% of them had neurological problems that lasted even after being treated.

Study participants also reported some other symptoms that may indicate a person has already contracted Covid-19. The following symptoms are listed in the study:

Muscular pain

According to the study, 44.8% of participants experienced muscle pain due to Covid-19 infection. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also listed this as a symptom. This can persist for months even after a patient has tested negative for the virus.


This symptom has also been listed by the US CDC as one of the obvious symptoms of Covid-19. Many study participants reported pounding headaches.

There could be chances that the headache people thought they were facing due to poor vision or increased screen time, is actually due to Covid-19.

Mental confusion

Mental confusion was reported as a common symptom of Covid-19, and 31.8% of study participants experienced it.

Loss of taste and smell

Although this symptom has not been listed by health agencies as one of the main symptoms of the virus, patients around the world have experienced it.

Sore eyes

Many people who have tested positive for the virus have found that they have eye pain early in the disease. This was previously considered to be the result of excessive screen time while locking.