How to get The Big Chill launcher in Fortnite season 5

The Big Chill Launcher was added to Fortnite at the start of their winter event for the year and is part of the new weapon class.

Exotic weapons have been added to Fortnite as the rarest version of powerful weapons in the game. Exotics can only be purchased and cannot be found in ground loot or chests. Now added to the list of exotics is the Big Chill launcher. It can be obtained from an NPC named Snowmando, who has just been added to the game.

Unlike some NPCs, Snowmando is only found in one area, which makes it a little easier to get the Big Chill launcher. Snowmando is located near Catty Corner, on a snow-capped mountain south of the place. Once the players find the NPC on top of the mountain, they can ask the NPC and select the Big Chill start option.

Cost of the Big Chill Launcher and Exotic Weapons in Fortnite

The Big Chill Launcher must be purchased and there is no other way to get the weapon. Unfortunately for many, the Big Chill launcher is now also Fortnite’s most expensive exotic weapon.

All Exotics require gold bars to obtain them, and the Big Chill Launcher costs little. 1,455 gold bars are required to use the new launcher, which may take some time to acquire.

Is the Big Chill launcher worth that much gold? Well, it deals 83 damage per shot against players and fires cold grenades that behave very much like a grenade launcher to easily wipe out some players.

Another exotic weapon included in the new update is the Dragon’s Breath sniper rifle. The new shotgun can be purchased from the NPC called Blaze and is found in one of two locations in every match. The two locations are Timber Tents and Pristine Point. Once there, the Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle can be purchased for just over 1,200 gold bars.

Gold bars are a new currency system that was added to Chapter 2: Season 5 of Fortnite. They are based on the bounty hunter aesthetic of the season and can be obtained by looting chests, completing bounties, or even killing players and collecting some bars.

The new currency also carries over from game to game, which means players can save enough for each game until they have enough to purchase some exotic weapons. Some of the new weapons are definitely worth trying.

Posted on December 16, 2020, 6:27 am IST