How to find out how Maruti 800 was launched in December 37 years ago and what was the role of Indira Gandhi

Pradeep Shah

Maruti has a special place in the country’s car market. The cars of this company are considered to be much better and cheaper for the common people. 37 years ago, on December 14, 1983, the iconic Maruti-Suzuki 800 car, known as the ‘car of the common man’, was born. It is the most successful car in the country to date. It was nothing short of a dream for the Indian public, as it was an opportunity for the people to fulfill their dream of ownership in an affordable package.

It was first launched in India at a price of just Rs 47,500. This marked the beginning of a successful car journey in the country. The then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi inaugurated the Maruti factory in Gurgaon on this day, claiming to build a new car every 800 minutes.

Meanwhile, the company also decided to convert 15 per cent of its cars into air-conditioned deluxe cars priced at Rs 70,000. At the time of launch, the company claimed that the Maruti Suzuki car was traveling at an average speed of 25.95 kmph at a constant speed of 50 kmph. Will give per liter. In December 1983, Indira Gandhi handed over the Maruti 800 key to Harpal Singh for the first time.

After the introduction of the Maruti 800, the company decided to enter various segments. The Omni Minivan was launched in 1984 and India Iconic Gypsy in 1985. A few years later in 1990, Maruti Suzuki launched the first sedan called Maruti 1000. Later, in 1994, a facelift model of the car, the Esteem, was launched, which laid the foundation for the original sedan trend in India.

It can still be seen in some parts of India. After Esteem in 1993, Maruti Suzuki launched the premium hatchback Zen. This model Dell became very popular in India. Subsequently, the company’s second plant opened in 1995. Exactly four years later, in 1999, a third manufacturing facility was opened.

With the beginning of the 21st century, Maruti Suzuki introduced another icon in the form of the Alto. Five years later, in 2005, the Sporty Look Lifestyle Swift was launched. It became very popular among the youth. Maruti Suzuki launched the Vitara Brezza in 2016 after the high-priced Grand Vitara failed. It became a hot selling compact SUV.

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