Higher percentage of men drink in ‘dry’ Bihar than in Maharashtra: government survey | India news

You may associate Goa with alcohol and partying, but a greater percentage of people in Telangana consume alcohol than the first. And a larger percentage of men drink Bihar, a state under prohibition, which in Maharashtra. When it comes to tobacco use, the Northeast is the region at the top of the charts, according to data from the National Family Health Survey 2019-20.
Gujarat and Jammu and Kashmir, in that order, have the lowest alcohol consumption among men. There is no way to know if there has been any change in alcohol or tobacco use since the last survey as the two datasets are not comparable. In the 2015-16 survey, the data concerned the 15-49 age group while in the last survey they were all over 15 years old.
When it comes to women’s alcohol consumption, Sikkim e Assam, with 16.2% and 7.3% respectively, are at the top of the charts. But even here, Telangana comes later, on top of Goa. Excluding Telangana and Goa, most of the top states are located in the northeast. Consumption among rural women is significantly higher than in urban areas in most states, which could also be due to less hesitation in admitting alcohol consumption than urban women. This difference in the prevalence of alcohol consumption also exists between rural and urban men, but the difference is not as high as it is between women.

In all states, tobacco use, which includes chewing tobacco and smoking, is much higher in all states than alcohol consumption. Despite the established connection between tobacco smoking and lung cancer and chewing tobacco and oral cancers, the use remains widespread. In India, previous studies had shown a higher prevalence of chewing tobacco than smoking. The highest consumption of tobacco is in Mizoram, where 77.8% of men and almost 62% of women consume it. Tobacco use is highest among men and women in the northeastern states, including Assam. It is lower in Kerala (17%) and Goa (18%) in the case of men, although Himachal has the lowest tobacco consumption among women, just 1.7%
The monitoring of alcohol and tobacco consumption was initiated by the latest survey with a growing recognition of the burden of non-communicable diseases in India and the role that their consumption plays in causing them.